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- 27 October 2009-
Christina Borg- Malta
Very well done for your good things. You are very helpfull, for all those out there.
God bless you all and gives you courage to carry on what you are all doing for the others.
Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

- 26 October 2009-
Godwin Sharples-
Though I am not Roman Catholic, and an Anthropologist (typically they do not believe in the afterlife), I have to say that I am very impressed by the Maltese exorcists'endless sacrifice. They are truly a remarkable group of people and the Maltese society should be grateful to have their services avaialable.
I have always been baffled by the Maltese's attitude and belief when they say "kif Alla jippermetti". God is the "creator" and although he has provided the rules of science and physics to the Universe and guidelines to humanity, he has also provided us and the angels/demons with free will. Some choose to follow, some choose not to follow. Whether God is to blame though, I do think that he is certainly not. For example, everyone is aware that cigarettes can trigger cancer, however, people still die daily, because they have chosen to smoke, regardless of the warnings. So who is to blame, the Tobacco plant or the smoker? who is to blame the killer or his knife, the drug user or the poppy?
The Maltese Catholic Church needs to address this situation properly and in simplicity. The local priests need to present their congregation with "proper" doctrine and they need to teach them about "evil" as well. People need to be aware of "evil" so that they can recognize it and if they wish to, they may evade or fight ir. It is very important to know one's enemy and not just one's friends.

- 23 October 2009-
Michelle Muscat- Malta
Praise the Lord. He is the One and only God...Love you Holy Trinity.

- 07 March 2009-
Melchior Sammut- Tarxien Youth Centre, Malta
On behalf of all the members of Tarxien Youth Centre, I would like to thank Fr. Franco for the interesting meeting he delivered. I will update our website
Thanks a lot for your service.

- 29 September 2008-
Anthony Sciriha- Fleur de Lys, Malta
Thank God there is somebody like your Commission to talk about the wiles of the great liar (Satan) and his devious machinations to overthrow God's plan for the salvation of those who truly want to be saved. To counter the awful sin of blasphemy Jesus requested the Carmelite Sr.Marie Pierre of Tours(France)the recitation of the Golden Arrow Prayer and the devotion to the Most Holy Face Of Jesus.This Act of Reparation was to atone for the sins against the first 3 Commandments. History speaks of the innumerable miracles that the Providence of God graciously granted to those who appealed to God's Mercy through this reparation.Jesus singled out the Communists as the arch enemies of God.

- 29 September 2008-
Lily Sammut, Malta
Very good website. Well done

- 9 September 2007-
Antoine Barbara - Swieqi, Malta
As a student of Marology and The Holy Spirit I came twice to your meetings and today found your website. This is very well done. A pity that in some European countries exorcists do not exist. Unfortunately, we are seeing the devil take hold of all that is material and spiritual and the battle is fierce. But until the battle is won many, many souls will be lost. Keep up the meeting, good deeds and the prayers.

- 28 April 2007-
Anna Spiteri - Hamrun, Malta
Well Done for your interesting website. I read about it in Dawl Frangiskan. Keep up the good work.
May I also suggest the following website which I made myself about my uncle Fr Donat Spiteri OFMCap about his great work and dedication for spreading knowledge of God's word. I am sure it will be useful for anyone. Fr. Donat Spiteri

- 27 February 2007-
Peter Sammut, Malta
Well done for the effort

- 15 November 2006-
Christopher Mizzi - Marsa, Malta
Excellent. I really found interesting the section on Published Material, a real wealth of knowledge indeed!
Well done to the IT people for the work on the website.
I started having an interst in the subject when I attended a credit with Fr. Marcello Ghirlando at the University, and through his book I learnt an array of things which are sometimes (pitifully) portrayed in a different manner on the media.

God bless you all.

- 7 November 2006-
Theresa Agius - Australia
Thank you for your wonderful work. May the Good Lord and our blessed MOther bless you all

- 12 October 2006-
Dorothy Vella - San Gwann, Malta
I read about your website on Dawl Frangiskan.
Well done and God bless you.

- 21 August 2006- Claudine Balzan - Hamrun, Malta
Well done, this is really good website filled with very good information.
May God bless you and be with you to keep up with your good work
God blesss
Keeep it up

- 14 May 2006-
Mark Ellul - St. Julians, Malta
Well done! Keep up the good work.
May the Lord bless you all.

- 6 May 2006-
Bianca Fiorini, Malta
Well done for the website. Well done as well for the background music.
Keep it up

- 22 April 2006-
John Micallef - San Gwann, Malta
I visited your site today for the first time after I heard about it on the programme "Xarabank".
Very intersing good work

- 17 February 2006-
Noel Formosa, Malta
Well done for a much needed web site in a very hectic life we are living in.
May God bless you all.
Please visit my new web site dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel on:

- 10 February 2006-
Andre' Zahra, Ta' Xbiex, Malta
Well done, you have established a very informative site.
May God bless you.

- 1st December 2005-
Mikhail Micallef, Malta
Peace be with you. Well done for this interesting site. I'm sure it will be useful not only for locals but as well for foreigners.
I'm sure as well that a lot of good is being done with several persons
God bless you

- 1st November 2005-
Stephen Borg, Malta
God bless you

- 27th October 2005-
Genio Buttigieg, San Gwann, Malta
Well done to your informative site

- 20th October 2005-
Carmel Abela, Malta
I have just finished reading the book "Fi Gwerra Max-Xitan" of Fr Elija Vella OFM Conv. Although a catholic beleiver, I never realised how Satan works. To tell you the truth, I am still wondering about episodes which I read in the book!

Well done and keep it up! Please do keep us informed about these things. Thanks very much .

- 30th August 2005-
Jennifer Tortell, Malta
Thank you for the website.

- 21st August 2005-
Anne Marie Mizzi, Malta
Thank you and well done for your website. It is really useful.

- 1st August 2005-
Sr. Vania Bonello, Malta
Well done for the website. It's designed well and I'm convinced lot of good work is being done through this site.
May I suggest that you put online the Rosary Mysteries. It's so powerful against evil

Thank you and well done once again.

- 11th May 2005-
Rita Petrococchino, Malta
Thank you for all the information you give us !! I had just heard Fr. Elias on the radio and spoke to my daughter about what he said, discovering some of her friends were planning to experiment with a ouija board. I decided to look for some more info and found this site.

Keep up the good work.

- 29th April 2005-

Tonina Frendo, Canada
Hi, I am Maltese living in Canada. I just found out this website and I founded very interesting. This site is really GREAT the information is perfect, that everybody can understandand learn ...

Prosit ..Well done and keep up the Good Work God Bless you All and keep you under HIS Loving Care ..Keep us in your Prayers..

- 20th April 2005-
Joseph Vella - St. Paul's Bay, Malta
Very Good site. Well done and very interesting. I would like to thank you for all the work you do. Best regards to Fr. Elias. Peace be with you

- 20th April 2005-
Joseph Vella - St. Paul's Bay, Malta
Very Good site. Well done and very interesting. I would like to thank you for all the work you do. Best regards to Fr. Elias. Peace be with you

- 23rd February 2005-
Vince Marshall, Malta
Very Good site.
God Bless you all. Let's ALL work hand in hand to break the evil of darkness.
I know what I am saying as I sufferd under Satan for 13 years.
God now the ONLY thing I want to do in my life is HATE SATAN, WORK AGAINST HIM nobody can stop me. Let's all see what Our beloved God wants from us.

God bless you all and don't leave any space for satan just hit him crush him hate him and his work.


- 10th February 2005-

Joe Zammit, Malta
You have won Satan: you are doing everything with the blessing of the authority of the Catholic Churh and that blessing is falling all the time over all over Malta and Gozo.
It's a pity that in some dioceses abroad, even in Catholic countries like Spain and France, there are some dioceses without official exorcists.
My last point is about the impressive figure of the Resurrected Christ. I would have preferred to keep the tomb closed because when Jesus rose from the dead, he came out while the tombstone was still in place. Then the angels came and removed the stone.
Thank you for your work and I pray for you often as you pray for us all.

- 7th February 2005-

Tracy Mifsud, Malta
Well done for the website

- 6th February 2005-
Antonio de Alicante - España
Well done! I give thanks to God for people like you, committed in the spiritual war and brave enough to do it publicly.
May Almighty God bless in this work, and preserve you from all evil. In Jesus´ Name. Amen.
P.S: I also recommend to visit: Possession and Exorcism A very good web (from a spanish exorcist) on Exorcism & possesion.

- 12th November 2004 -

Pauline Gatt - Msida, Malta
Well done for this extraordinary site. I really enjoyed browsing through it. God bless and keep it up.

- 25th September 2004 -

Ian Sammut, Malta
I found this website very interesting and the informaiton very useful. My only hope is that many more people would have the opportunity to not only read the site but also live it.
A generally deeper understanding that ultimatly the battle has already been won for us and that all we have to do is accept, is my prayer. Jesus loves us at all costs and no matter what!
I am a former student of Fr. Marcello at university and it is through this that I found this site.
May the good Lord continue to bless you all for your work and protect you.
May the good Lord also protect us all and grant us the grace to see / experience His love and compassion in a more personal way everyday as this is the key.
Having witnessed the awosomeness of God several times and building a relationship with Jesus in a personal manner I feel honoured and privilaged to say that I am His son - through the work that you as a community and this site as a means for evangelisation I pray that many many more people will have the same experiences on a daily basis as I have.
You are in my daily prayers.

God Bless you and all who view this site.

- 14th June 2004 -

Myriam Farrugia, Malta
Well done you have a professional and very interesting website

- 7th May 2004 -

Joanna Farrugia, Malta
This site is really great - very informative, factual and down to earth - nothing is left unsaid. I was a bit sceptical about this subject because one could never get correct information apart from bits and pieces of 'superstition' but here it is all so clear-cut. I was also impressed by the 'serene' attitude of Fr Elias Vella on 'Nies ta' Veru' in the face of evil - he left no doubts that Jesus is triumphant over all evil. Well done for the open and honest attitude.

- 6th May 2004 -

Silvana Saliba-Ghaxaq, Malta
Well done for this website!
God bless your work.

- 16th April 2004 -

Roberto J Buontempo, Malta
Well done and keep it up!
God Bless!

- 11th April 2004 -

Anton Naudi - Sliema, Malta
A magnificent website - very truthful and fruitful. To be highly encouraged for viewing to keep us continuously thoughtful of OUR RISEN CHRIST.
May God bless you all

- 6th April 2004 -

Lino Cuomo - Mosta, Malta
An exceptional website. Well done and may the Lord reward you all for the hard work in setting it up. Try giving it more publicity.

- 5th April 2004 -

Carmen Piscopo, Malta
Thanks for this website it is very interesting. It would be a good idea if news or warnings related to this field, be made known.
God bless you all.

- 4th April 2004 -

John Busuttil, Malta
A very interesting website. It was a need and a must. Hopefully you'll continue updating it frequently. It's a must that everybody will be keen on the subject and it's danger.
Well done!

- 3rd April 2004 -

Anna Farrugia, Malta
A very interesting and informative site. God be with you all

- 2nd April 2004 -

Elaine Vassallo, Malta
Well Done! An interesting website that helps you and answers many questions!

- 2nd April 2004 -

Stephen Zammit, Malta
Well Done! May the Lord be with you in everything you do. Keep it up.

- 2nd April 2004 -

Nadia Borg, Malta
A great site, very useful, and I'm sure it will do a world of good.
May God continue to bless you and protect you all. Keep up the good works.

- 2nd April 2004 -

Noel Fabri, Malta
Congratulations! It is a very interesting and very helpful website.
Keep it up !

- 2nd April 2004 -

Anna Gatt, Malta
First I have to say a big Thanks for the persons in the commission that had build this site. I’ve taken a look at it and all I have to say that it looks really Great !!! I’ve seen "Nies Ta Veru"
I would like to thank you all for building this site again and I’ll hope that in the future this site will continue to improve...and the last thing I would like to say to all the persons who will read my link is to say a prayer for the people who are involved in exorcism like Fr Elia Vella that God will give them all the powers they need to fight the power of evil and to all the persons like that woman who are possessed from these bad spirits .so that God will help them to never loose the faith & to believe that there’s someone more powerful than the one they’re possessed with…!! GOD HELP US ALL TO NEVER LET NOTHING GET BETWEEN YOU AND US!!!

- 1st April 2004 -

Dr. Mario Rosario Bonello, Malta
Congratulations on a very interesting website, which I have bookmarked for future reference.
May I also suggest the following websites, which I find of great interest and may also be of interest to you: (very interesting and varies daily)

- 1st April 2004 -

Canon John Ciarlo' - Valletta, Malta
Very well done. God bless you all for your fascinating endevour. Congratulations!

- 1st April 2004 -

Umberto Mule' Stagno - Naxxar, Malta
I'm very pleased that the commission has a website now, and also glad that the commission has had an "upgrade", namely with help from new priests who are sure to be of great help.
Peace be with you!

- 1st April 2004 -

Charlene Fabri - Msida, Malta
Well done for the website! I didn't use to believe about the devil and his spirits but after watching last programme of 'Nies ta' Veru' I had to believe!!
I would like to say a big thanks to the priests forming part of this sector and would like to encourage them and promise to pray for them.
God is above all!!! Keep it up!

- 1st April 2004 -

Esmeralda, Malta
God bless you all for all the good you're doing thru' this site! May the Lord keep you under his care especially the person in charge of this site. It's a sound site for everyone!

- 31st March 2004 -

Tarcisio Gatt - G'Mangia, Malta
Prosit and well done for the website. It is fantastic, very clear and easy to access. It gives a clear and whole picture of the subject and very well explained. Well done and keep it up. May the Almighty Lord be with you always!

- 31st March 2004 -

Lin - Ft.Laudedale, Florida, USA
Thank you for your work in this area. Many of us who are English-only speakers would very much like to read some of the published material on your site. Is it possible for English Translation?

- 31st March 2004 -

Edward D'Amato, Malta
The Website gives information and aims at educating the people on a topic that until recently was considered as taboo. Great Work! With this initiative, many are those who will benefit.

- 31st March 2004 -

Loredana Formosa, Malta
Nice website but I would prefer a website without music.

- 18th March 2004 -

Fr. Joseph Muscat OFM Cap, Victoria Gozo - Malta
If we have faith and love, Our Lord will reign in our hearts and thus evil will not have any power on our lives!
I encourage you to continue with this mission in favour of the Lord's people!

- 12th March 2004 -

Marika Schembri, Malta
Well done!!! This site looks fantastic and it is also helpful. Thx!! B blessed

- 26th February 2004 -

Fr. Tonio Mifsud OFM Conv - B'Kara, Malta
Well done . God bless this web site.Let us proclaim the Lord's love. Alleulia.

- 26th February 2004 -

Kristian J. Vella, Malta
Well Done!

- 26th February 2004 -

Vince Marshall - G'Mangia, Malta
Great Website! Prosit! Let's enhance our prayers to God Almighty to protect us against evil.
Let's pray for our brothers and sisters who are caught in satanic trap. O Lord, draw to you these brothers and sisters!

- 24th February 2004 -

Alison Pace Bardon - Bahar ic-Caghaq, Malta
Great Job. Interesting website too full of information!
You are always in our prayers and thoughts!

- 22nd February 2004 -

Joseph Schembri, Malta
Nice Website. Keep the good work please.

- 17th February 2004 -

Markatia Bugeja, Malta
Well done, and keep it up. May each single moment working on this site be to you a deeper discovery of His mighty love and care.
I encourage all those who visit to read Psalm 51. He is a Merciful God, a loving Father, who protect us from all evil. AMEN. My dear you are His beautiful one, He loves You.
Courage for He reigns Victorious. Halleluia.

- 12th February 2004 -

Joseph Formosa - Siggiewi, Malta
Congratuliations for the site!
It is very encouraging to have a web site dealing on this subject. I' m certain that this site will do a lot of good to people visiting it. It is well-organised. Peace to you all!

- 12th February 2004 -

Sandro Pecorella - Naxxar, Malta
An excellent job indeed. Praise be to God.

- 10th February 2004 -

Susan Farrugia - St.Paul's Bay, Malta
Prosit! Thanks be to God. The commission is doing a great job. God bless and protect with His precious blood all involved with the commission.

- 5th February 2004 -

Fr.Elias Vella OFM Conv - Official Exorcist - St.Paul's Bay, Malta
Prosit for the website! Really a professional job! I'm certain that we'll do a lot of good in the future!

- 2nd February 2004 -

Br. Ivan Scicluna OFM Cap - Floriana, Malta
Prosit for the website! Well done! I've enjoyed myself surfing the site. It's attractive and fast! Keep it up! United in prayers and may I humbly ask your blessings!

- 2nd February 2004 -

Keith Spiteri - Marsa, Malta
I've just seen and read all the website and honestly I've liked it at once.
I would like to thank all the members of the commission that undoubtly are doing their utmost in our islands. My best wishes to you to remain strength in what you believe in because Satan is strong...but FOR SURE not as strong as Our Lord!
Prosit for the layout of the website. I've liked the way it's presented. Shalom!

- 2nd February 2004 -

David Martinelli - Toronto, Canada
I want to tell you that your website looks fantastic. I've had a little look at it already, but I will take a more detailed look over the next week.