Fr.Elia Vella OFM Conv

Fr. Elia has a vast experience in several ministries he was asked to serve. He served as Minister Provincial of the Franciscan Minor Conventuals, Parish Priest of St. Paul's Bay and the Official Exorcist of the Archdiocese of Malta. This vast experience helped him so much and thought of sharing some of it with the rest of us by publishing the following books.

Fi Gwerra max-xitan

"Fi Gwerra max-Xitan" is a continuity to "Satana". It is full of information and above all a certainity that with Jesus we'll win for sure.

One of the three books on Sunday Homily

"Il-Kelma Tixlik", "Il-Kelma Tibnik" and "Il-Kelma Timliek" are three books in a series with reflections on the Sunday Mass and Feast of the liturgical year. Mainly all reflections start with an episode that Fr. Elia and all of us meet in our daily life

Irbahtli Mulej

In the series "L-Imghallem qed isejjahlek", Fr. Elia published four books. The same as with the reflections on the Word of God proclaimed on Sunday, Fr. Elia base his thoughts in conjuntion with our daily life.

Fr. Elias book on Satana Fr. Elias book on Satana Diavoli e esorcismi

Fr. Elias's role as the Diocese Official Exorcist led him to publish these three books. His experience and work took him also to Italy, another country where Fr. Elias works very hard and infact published as well a book in the Italian language. The book "Diavoli e esorcismi" was translated to English and Slovac.