Act of Consecration to Jesus in the Eucharist

Merciful Father, you love us so
much that you sent your only
Son Jesus, so that whoever
believes in him will not perish but
have eternal life.

Your love for us, dear Father
was shown to us by Jesus when
he offered himself as a victim on
the altar of the cross for our
salvation and when he instituted
the Sacrament of the Eucharist
which is the same sacrifice of Calvary

I believe, Lord Jesus, that you are really
present and alive in the Eucharist and that
You are always waiting for me in this
Sacrament of love. Moved by your love
for me, I offer myself entirely to you as a
response of love to Your love.

I ask you, Lord Jesus, that by the power of
the Holy Spirit you inflame my heart with
the fire of Your love. Draw me to You and
transform me into Yourself every time I
receive You in the Eucharist. Let me
remain with You and worship You in this
Sacrament of love. Let my love be an act
of reparation for the sins of all humanity.

Mary, mother of Jesus and my mother, I
ask you to be with me as I live faithfully
this offering so that I can respond to your
Son's invitation when He told us: "remain
here, and watch with me" (Mt26:38)

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